Overcoming the Fear of Heights – How to Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Rides

The thrill, the adrenaline rushes and to live on the edge are for adventure junkies who enjoy life at its best. Hot air balloon rides are one of the extreme sports that can be experienced if you know the safety tips. Although it might sound like a daunting task, it is very easy to follow and adhere to them. Hot air balloon ride in Las Vegas is a dream come true affair in one’s life.

The majestic scenic beauty and the breath-taking sights over the blissful and perfectly planned city is a once in a lifetime experience. It might sound great and you might be ready in mind to go for the ride. However, there is one problem you are damn scared about heights!

Your heart pounds while you are in a skyscraper and get nervous when you board a flight. You don’t need to worry at all. People with extreme fear of heights have experienced ballooning and enjoyed it too. There are some effective methods to handle your fear of heights.

Get to know the fear of heights

The scientific word for fear of height is “acrophobia”. Acrophobia can cause several bad and traumatic experiences. Your fear might be triggered by the adrenaline response of fight and flight. This is an instinct which all humans possess and feel the same. Some may feel more fear and some may feel less. This instinct protects us from actual dangers.

This is the same feeling that you might experience while boarding the balloon. Hence, to tackle the problem scientists and psychologists advise to confront the fear at the first place. You need to understand the problematic areas and combat the scary feeling. Once you have mastered it, you can easily enjoy and relax on the hot air balloon.

Planning ahead

One of the effective ways to tackle acrophobia is by planning the hot air balloon ride several months ahead. This will give you a buffer period to work on your fear. In the meantime, you can also practice getting on shorter heights. There are few companies in the US that provides hot air balloon packages Las Vegas.

These packages also come with a test ride, where you can get on a short ride where you can experience the flight and the landing experience. In this experiential ride, you will be accompanied with a doctor. In case you fall sick, you will not have any problem and your issue will be addressed instantly.

Rating your fear

The best person to analyse fear is you. To figure out clearly, what scares you the most, you must list down ten activities that makes you afraid. This can be climbing stairs to walking down the bridge or even going on a fun ride. It can also be boarding a plane or fear of immeasurable heights. Then you must rate yourself from 1-10 depending on how afraid are you for each of the activity.

For example, you may figure out most of the activities make you nervous and immeasurable height makes you terrified. There is a difference between nervousness and feeling terrified. Obviously, anything unknown makes us scared. Overcoming minor fear at a time will help you conquer bigger things in future and make you ready for the balloon ride.

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