Have we ruined the earth with plastic for our future generations?

Did you ever know that there are five hundred times more pieces of plastic in the sea than there are the stars in the galaxy? Plastic may have been cheap, easy to carry, easily mouldable but it is also easily polluting the environment. It has been easily proved that over the last few decades, humans have produced an estimated amount of 9 billion metric tons of plastic. However, the victim for this successful attempt appears to be our beloved earth. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest pollutions that has contaminated all the resources on the earth considering land, air, and water specifically. There are people and organisations like custom earth promos taking major steps to save our environment.

How much is the sea getting affected because of plastic?

The contamination of the water of the ocean and sea by plastic is the biggest worry considering the environment. It has been surveyed that every year almost 8 million tonnes of plastic is disposed of in the sea. It is also surveyed that the sea today contains around several trillion microplastic particles in it. With this increasing amount of plastic in the sea, we are damaging the aquatic life and hampering the environment. Several incidents have been reported where these poor animals get trapped and hurt by plastics causing them to die.

How is it dangerous?

Some plastic in the sea is very toxic and can easily disturb the crucial hormones required for healthy existence. Plastic is known to act as a magnet for a range of several other pollutants and poisons that are thrown by human beings in the sea. Plastic bags in the water look like jellyfish and can appear to be a tasty snack to turtles. Plastic for other aquatic animals is also very harmful, as it is a kind of indigestible poison.

What should we do to prevent this?

Preventing plastic pollution on a major level can only be done if we humans understand the need for eco-friendly items in our day to day life. We need to use products that are eco-friendly and easily destructible, unlike plastic. For example, instead of using paper bags and plastic bags we can opt for reusable grocery bags or reusable grocery totes. These items are reusable and biodegradable. Companies like custom earth promos sell chevron eco-friendly products that can help to reduce the use of plastic and reduce plastic pollution on the earth.

Have you ruined the planet for future generations?

Humans have been doing so many changes on the earth in the name of development and building civilization. These changes have led to a huge shift in environmental conditions. Considering the amount of pollution, climate change, and availability of resources on the earth it can be very easily established that humans have caused so many changes that our future generations will never see the nature as we have seen.

Hence, has become very important for us that we use natural resources very carefully and move towards using environmentally friendly products.

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