How to Choose the Best Outfit for Your Dinner Boat Cruise?

Travelling on a cruise is a unique way to enjoy with your loved one on an evening or to socialize with your friends. Whatever the purpose is, it gives a memorable experience for everyone. Coordinating attire for a dinner cruise depends on the dinner type and the dress code of a company.

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A dining room in cruise is the place where the rules apply and if you are sailing first time then, you must be aware of the rules of the particular cruise. The following information will help you when choosing an outfit onboard, and for your formal and casual cruise dinner.

For Men and women

Formal – If the dinner is a formal type then it’s a good idea for men to go with an outfit including dark suit or tuxedo with polished shoes but avoid polo shirts, khakis, shorts, boat shoes, and sandals.

For women, a full-length gown with matching jewelry, high-heels, perfectly done makeup and hairstyle is ideal. Choose fabrics like chiffon, sequins, or silk for an elegant look. Avoid casual pants or cotton dresses on these nights.

Semi-formal – It delivers a clean and crisp appearance. Jeans are acceptable occasionally, but should not have signs or holes on it and the jeans must be dark in color.  Cocktail outfits with high-heels are norm for ladies.

Smart casual/ casual – For men casual slacks, jeans, open collared outfits, khakis with loafers or boat shoes are the perfect choice for the cruise dinners. Most of the cruise lines will not allow the flip-flops, swimwear, and tank tops in a dining room.

For women, flown skirts, lightweight pants, and sundresses with sandals or heels are appropriate. It’s good to cover your feet, legs, and torso even on your casual cruise dinner.

Resort Casual – It strikes a balance between tennis shoes and oxfords (men), stilettos and flip-flops (women). Pretty sundresses, knee skirts, and capris are ideal for ladies and for gents, attractive pullover or cardigan are appropriate for sea breezes.

On board outfit

Sundresses, tank tops, shorts, and sandals, etc are a fair game. Get shoes and cover your bikini. Also, bring two bathing suits because you can’t use the same suit again and again.

Packing tips

When you are packing for a vacation avoid excess luggage make it simple so that you can carry the bag to anywhere with you. Get a skirt that matches with two different tops, choose sandals and shoes that will be worn anywhere from beach to a night dinner.

Before going to a cruise dinner, check the company’s policies and rules in dining atmosphere. By doing this, you can make sure which outfit suits you best for the evening and you can also feel comfortable with the other cruisers.

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