Explore Memphis – Grooving City Like Never Before With This Handy Travel Tips

Memphis is the grooving city – with the songs of Elvis Presley’s or at Beale Street with the good tunes of budding musicians. Memphis has a lot to offer besides the songs of Elvis – generally for which people throng to this place.

Graceland – Elvis Presley’s home town is the main attraction here along with Beale Street known for audiophiles be it jazz, American roots, or blues music.  When it comes to a quiet and peaceful stay, Memphis hotels (Memphis is situated in southwestern Shelby County along the Mississippi River, Tennessee) has a lot to offer whether you are looking for a boutique bed or simple lodging.

If you are planning to visit the city for the first time and want to dig deeper – here are few travel tips to explore the real Memphis.

Travelling Season:

Though you can explore Memphis round the year, the best season to visit is during Spring since the atmosphere is mild and bearable. If your body is sensitive to high temperature and humidity, avoid visiting this place during summers.  January’s and May’s have special celebrations and events.  

Land of Music:

In January, there are special events in Graceland on the occasion of Elvis Presley’s birthday and in May there is an Annual festival wherein you can feed your ears with good music- blues, jazz, and rock Though the Annual Festival lasts month-long, the “Music Fest” is celebrated on 1st weekend of May. It is a damn popular music event attracting audiophiles from all over the world. It brings big names of music such as Hozier, Flaming Lips, Ed Sheeran and so on. It is a fun-filled event not only for the locals but for international visitors as well.


The Annual Festival not only has delicacy for your ears but also for your mouth. The Barbeque World Championship is one of the contests where the best barbeque recipes are served. Memphis – Midtown is filled up with barbeque eateries. The best of them is The Bar-B-Q Shop, Payne’s Bar-B-Q, Central BBQ.

You can have local food experience such as ramen, tapas, pub food, popcorn at Overton Square a bit away from the major tourist area.

Getting around:

The Memphis International Airport is nearby to the downtown. It is a mere 9 km away. It is better to rent a car for traveling around the city. You can also take local buses or hire Vintage trolleys for city attractions.

City Etiquettes:

Memphis is famous for its good hospitality. The people are very cool and always greet you with a smile. Though you might be a tourist, people embrace you and feel as if you are at home place. Memphis is known for its fun, art, and culture. The city has a lot of opportunities and stores something for everyone.

Packaging essentials:

Though visiting in summer can be a challenging time because of intense heat and humid environment, but most of the best events are during this season. Hence, follow the dress code of the summers. If you are traveling in May, you will have to carry rain boots to not to miss the Music Fest. The Music Fest coincides with the Mud Fest wherein a giant field is made for people to party and drink hard.

Besides, having lots of music and eateries, there are other major attractions like zoo, art galleries and museums, golf course, parks to name a few.

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