Top things to do in Sibiu for the Best Experience

Tourism is fast-growing, and so many countries are fast investing in this area. Romania is one country that has continued to grow in terms of tourism. The country has finally had its name included on the list of countries that are most visited.

If you are a visitor to this country, you will enjoy visiting several places that form top tourist attractions in this country. The list below comprises top things or top places that you can visit in Sibiu; you will enjoy it.

  • The religious landmarks

A visit to Sibiu will see you see some of the oldest and some of the most fantastic Basilica catholic churches. Most of these churches might look simple from the outside, but that is not the case. In the interior, the church is very sophisticated and so amazing.

You will find it very amazing and a place worth spending worth. There is so much in terms of the historical context in th3e church that you will enjoy. Some so many people settled in the areas, and all worshiped in the church.

You will meet so many people in the church, all of which find this church such an excellent place to visit. If you like some spiritual connection, then this is the place you need to visit.

  • Enjoy the best Romanian meals

There is nothing that beats the feeling of enjoying a nice meal while you are on a trip. This is precisely what you will experience when you visit Sibiu. There are hundreds of dishes that you will enjoy while on a trip to Sibiu.

There are snacks that you will enjoy, and you can even carry some for yourself. There are local dishes that you will enjoy and some hot dishes. Whatever test it is that you have, you will still be able to get something for your test. So many people have tested these meals and dishes and have all enjoyed them and remembered for years to come.

  • The Orthodox cathedral

Churches might not seem appealing when you meet them in their modern form, but they are when they are ancient. Nothing beats the feeling of looking at ancient churches and getting a little bit of the church history as per when it was built and by who.

This will be the exact case when you visit Sibiu. You will enjoy seeing the Orthodox cathedral, which is equally one of those sights you will not prefer to miss when you visit Romania and particularly Sibiu. The cathedral is unique in its ways, with the walls standing out due to their beauty.

  • Visit the pharmacy museum

There are so many things that you find when you visit Sibiu. This region has almost everything you might need to see as a tourist. For instance, there is the Pharmacy Museum. The museum is located in the Piata mica. The room has two rooms, which are filled with some of the best and rare artifacts.


Sibiu is, without a doubt, one of the places to visit in Romania. The place has so many places and things that you will enjoy seeing. If you are planning tours in Sibiu, then you need to make sure you visit this place.

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