Useful Tips to opt for Right Monohull or Catamaran Charter for Enjoying Sailing Holidays

If you are planning to spend your holidays in the midst of the sea, the initial thought is to find a yacht of your preference. There is no doubt that it will be a hard task as you have ample yacht models to choose from.

Most of the vacationers, who love to sail try to opt either Monohull or Catamaran kind of yacht. Both kinds of yacht models have their own pros and cons. Hence, to pick the best suitable bareboat for you will be little tricky. To help here are few informative facts to help you in choosing a suitable yacht model Monohull or Catamaran.

Monohull yacht:

It is a well-known fact that it is a yacht having single hull. They are the most popular kind of yacht usually rented as it is quite safe to sail.


  • Monohull yacht doesn’t capsize even in thunder storms, thus reliable and stable.
  • Even a novice sailor feels safe while sailing in monohull yacht and experience the most thrilling sensation. The mechanism is simple, thus no need to have great yacht sailing experience.
  • Need to pay lower rent compared to other model of yachts.
  • The sailing is fast, thus sure to stimulate sailor’s adrenaline hormone as sailing seems to be sportive. You can sail upwind and there won’t be any difficulties in raising or lowering of sails.
  • Skilled sailors love to use this kind of bareboat as it can be navigated with ease through narrow channels and anchored even in narrow space in between fleet of boats near the harbour.
  • Best spacious bareboat for a couple or for small group of holidaymakers.

The only issue is monohull yacht isn’t spacious for large crowd of people. It won’t be favourable for sailors experiencing seasickness as it rolls while anchoring.

Catamaran yacht: 

Catamaran is luxurious sailing yacht and thus the rent cost is high however worth every penny you spend as it is safe and best for large group of sailors. Thus, multihull yacht is designed of twin parallel hulls. The bareboat is quite safe to travel as it is uniformly designed and has wide beam in between the hulls for stable sails. The bareboat model is best to sail faster and hence you can reach your destination quickly.

Salient features:

  • It is spacious so it suits family holiday sailors and large crowded group of sailors who prefer to rent Catamaran.
  • The yacht model doesn’t float easily while on waves and do less tilts hence sailors facing seasickness prefer to sail in Catamaran.
  • This charter has smaller draft thus you can anchor near sandy beaches with ease.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: The bareboat has two engines, hence while sailing through narrow marinas you can set one engine forward and the other backward. This helps you not to lose control of yacht while sailing in a frightful storm.

Catamaran isn’t suitable yacht to sail upwind, however it is reliable and non- experienced sailor will just love to sail in this bareboat yacht. For more details about catamaran hire Sydney browse through  You will have choice of any yacht available at reasonable rental prices and even can choose the best cruise package with ease. Enjoy your holidays sailing chartered private monohull or catamaran bareboat.

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