Few Questions to Ask to Get Best Room Lighting

Many people often remain dissatisfied with their present home décor. Whatever color scheme or wall decor you had originally chosen is not what you really thought it will be.

However, before you decide to change out all your furniture, painting of your walls or upgrading the floor, it is important to ensure your lighting plan will be one that will complement your home’s present set-up and style.

If the right lighting is missing then also all architectural details, focal points, unique textures and colors also get lost or nullified. Too much lighting can also easily make or break entire appearance and feel of the home. Lighting has the potential to change your space from totally blah to beautiful.

If you are visiting to any chandelier company like https://www.sofary.com/ then you can ask following few questions to yourself.

1. Am I trying to light in unexpected places?

While you are trying to evaluate about status of your present lighting style, you must remember that lighting can also function as an art, which helps to define your present style, set your mood and also perform practical tasks.

2. Whether my lighting has any layers?

If your room is perfectly lit then it will have 3 basic layers:

  • Task lighting
  • Overhead lighting
  • Accent lighting

Your bedroom may pull all three together, chandeliers light for overhead, your bedside reading lamps will be as task lighting. Also, accent lights just above artwork and headboard.

3. Do my lights too dim?

Any good lighting can multitask and also set your mood. It can be essential tool that will put you fully in control of both light quality and quantity.

4. Whether my fixtures reflecting current styles?

If you want to update your appearance of your living space then the quickest way to do will be to swap your decorative lighting fixtures with more up-to-date styles.

5. Whether my lighting focused?

All lighting designs are about strategic placement of various lights and matching perfect light source for doing its intended function. Any indirect lighting will pull focus, add texture and also layer the sight line.

6. Whether my fixture styles will further design of my own home?

Any outdated lighting fixture may affect perceived value and also beauty of the home. Right lighting can not only further design of the home, but also can be taken one step further to serve as beautiful focal point.

Even statement fixtures may transform any room into welcoming and also well-designed environment.

7. Whether I am using lighting in any unexpected places?

By positioning any fixtures in any new or unexpected ways may also breathe life into the home environment. Did you ever thought to add dazzling chandelier in your bathroom? Or, ever thought of positioning statement pendants all around the living room?

8. Have I installed any dimmers?

Quick dimmer installation will also have an impact on the home, particularly in areas that is intended for relaxing or entertaining. Consider installing dimmers at certain “zones” so that you may control different areas in the same room to control activities in those areas.

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