Favorite Place For Shopping In Maldives And The Best Things To Buy

Shopping is always a good idea for most of us. It is said to be a therapy that makes us feel happy and lively. So, for all the shoppers here, Maldives is one such great place for you, having a large variety of opportunities. You will get the best of souvenirs, stylish stuff, and many more things.

The Maldives has always been one of the best tourist attractions. It is not only famous for its fun activities, the beautiful view of the sea, but also its best of luxurious resorts. If you are planning for a trip to the Maldives recently, then you should surely try for Zeldiva Luxury’s W Maldives resort. They are offering the best of beachfront bungalows and overwater villas with a wet pool and a spa to relax.

When it comes to shopping, you got many shops in the resort but with very few choices to make and they are way expensive too. So here are some tips for you:

  1. A good place for shopping is the public places such as Orchid Magu or Fantasy on Farad Magu. One of the largest stores for shopping can be found in the capital. It is called as Najaah Art palace, where you can find everything from clothing to jewelry and much more stuff.
  2. Duty-free is another place where you can get a wide variety of products at a much reasonable price. You can buy branded clothes, toys, chocolates, and even alcohol. It is better to avoid buying electronics stuff here as they are very expensive and you cannot even bargain here.
  3. People in the Maldives are well-known for their craft skills. Though the production has become less but a handicraft fair is celebrated every year for two weeks. You will find some beautiful products like cane mats & carpets, coconut and wooden crafts, precious metals, and shell jewelry all at a very good price.
  4. For people who are looking for souvenirs, you can go to Singapore Bazaar where you will find some good but small shops and stalls. The rates are not fixed here, and if you have the talent of bargaining then you can get the rates reduced at the best price. As an original souvenir, you can buy shark teeth or shark jaws. This will forever remind you of your trip and also appeal to a lot of your friends
  5. Most tourists like to have an image printed on their t-shirt like that of palm trees, fish, sea, and boats. These are called Maldivian motifs. This can be made in the shops themselves as most of them have workshops within their shops.
  6. You can also get wonderful jewelry made in ethnic style. You can get this at the Glamour Souvenirs shop.

Do not forget to buy the best of spices and local sweets here for your friends and family. You can get them at the vegetable market. One of the best chips made from breadfruit will be the best souvenir for your friends. Hope we were able to cover enough for you to get an idea of shopping here. Happy shopping everyone!!!

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